Your data is yours!

I can't believe we have to say this, but your data is yours! If a computer system doesn't provide a way to export your information then they are hijacking your system. If they tell you that you can export your information by running some reports and exporting them, they are hijacking your data. If they are using your data and clients to build their own business directory they are riding on your coat tails, and possibly leading your clients away from you to other higher paying customers.

But worst of all, if they want to charge you a large fee to get a dump of YOUR data, they are holding you to ransom. It costs nothing to perform this data export by the way.

This is unethical behaviour and something that is all to common, so you should ask this of any company before you do business with them, how can I get my data out?

You'reOnTime has functions built in that you can run at any time, no questions asked to export your data to common formats like CSV or Excel.

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