One of Singapores leading salons

Hair Salon
18 Employees

Expat Hair Studio was started by Jaclyn Douglas and Katherine Moss who settled in Singapore with their families after more than a decade working around the globe. After finding a gap in the market for a high end salon catering to expatriate clients they teamed up in 2014 to bring their unique brand to the local audience. Such was their success that in under a year they had to move from their original salon on the East Coast to a much larger premises as their client base continued to grow and they continued to require more stylists who shared their vision and passion.

Having now grown to 16 staff and with no sign of slowing down they are an inspirational success story and they have trusted You'reOnTime to help run their salon from when they opened until today.

We have been using You'reOnTime since we first opened our salon which began as a small business with just two staff members. We are now a team of 18 and with the growth of our business You're On Time has been with us every step of the way.
Jackie Douglas
Owner of Expair Hair Salon