Everything you need to run your business
easily and efficiently

Everything from appointments, sales, reminders, marketing, business reports and much more

Cloud Based

You'reOnTime is a cloud based system. Like all modern cloud systems this means you no longer need to worry about updates, backups or managing your own server.

And best of all You'reOnTime comes with the security of being a cloud based system. World leading data centers and technology used by banks and other big business are at the heart, far more secure than you could hope to achieve by having it all running in your premises.


You'reOnTime contains every feature you could possibly need, but you don't want to spend your days using software, you want to be servicing clients . That is why we endeavor to make as many features automated as possible.

Everything from reminders and confirmation emails and SMS that are sent our automatically, automated follow up emails or reviews, automated marketing campaigns and client self check ins. We try and take the work load off you and do the heavy lifting ourselves.


There are many cloud based appointment systems around and that would be fine if all your business was taking appointments. You'reOnTime is a complete system, doing everything you need.

Appointments, self checkins and walk in management, point of sale including products, services, gift vouchers , loyalty and promotions. Advanced SMS and Email marketing and reminders, comprehensive business reporting, flexible staff rostering and management, the list goes on. You will not be caught short when using You'reOnTime.

Client Focused

Every feature we build is done so with keeping the client happy.

From allowing complete client notes and photos to be taken, allowing clients to book online from your website or Facebook page on their computer or phone.

Clients can send you an SMS message and it will automatically appear in the Notifications and Inbox of You'reOnTime, they can provide reviews, cancel appointments online or even fill our consent forms at home on their own computer before arriving.


Easy to use and flexible, you can view all your staff, resources needed and appointment statuses in day, week or month view. Read More

Free Website

Create your own website using one of our themes and customised with your own content, logos, staff photos and online booking. Read More

Facebook App

Using Facebook page is great to interact with your customers, and now they can make bookings directly into your appointment book. Read More

Automated Reminders

Reducing no shows has never been easier with automated SMS & Email Reminders and confirmations. A real money saver. Read More


View all your businesses key metrics live to see how you are performing today against historical records. Read More

SMS & Email Marketing

Using SMS & Email to send your clients your latest promotions and sales to expand and grow your business has never been easier. Read More

Point of Sale

A complete point of sale where you can can invoice appointments, perform product sales, refunds or print receipts. Read More

Client Management

Store all your clients and their history including adding notes for each appointment or customise with your own fields. Read More

Products & Services

Manage all the products & Services sold through your business including stock control, suppliers and brands. Read More

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are essential for any business and you can sell and redeem them, maintain their balances and report on usage all at a touch. Read More

Sales & Promotions

If you have a sale then you have have percentage or set discounts for all products or based on a promotion code. Read More

Loyalty Points

Configure loyalty points earned for all your products or services and then allow them to be used when making a sale and stored against the client. Read More


If you run classes then you can add students and waiting lists to single or multiple week classes all through the appointment screen. Read More

Staff Rosters, Timesheets & Holidays

Flexible rostering means you can set up your staff hours exactly as you need them including breaks, lunch or days off. Read More

Business Reporting

Know which are your best selling products, track sales and view staff performance with the extensive business reporting. Read More

Check In Forms

Have your own custom forms, disclaimers or waivers for clients to fill out on or before arrival with your own questions and signature. Read More

Self Check In

Have clients check themselves in on an iPad at reception or in a walk in salon check themselves into the waiting list. Read More

Walk In Salon Management

If you are a walk in business and not primarily a appointment based salon our walk in manager combined with self check in makes client management a breeze. Read More

Packages and Prepurchases

Packages for a number of sessions or prepurchase one service all handled automatically. Read More

Payment Gateways

Integrate directly with Apriva, Stripe or Authorize.Net to take credit card deposits or payments directly to your bank. Read More


Tip management including automatic splitting between staff and payout reports for the end of day. Read More


Access your appointment book to add or change appointments from any phone. Read More

Calendar Sync

Sync your appointment book with Google Calendar or your iPhone calendar, or display your Google Calendar on the appointments.

Staff Security

Configure security to restrict staff access to what you require and be automatically notified of any suspicious staff activity.