Flexible Hardware Options

We won't try and sell your our own overpriced hardware

You'reOnTime is flexible when it comes to hardware options, almost any computer of reasonable age can be used to run the software. We have tested using Windows, Mac, iPad and Android so more than likely if you have an existing computer it will work. We will also work with common Point of Sale hardware to streamline your operations.


The HP All In One range of computers will work with the widest variety of POS hardware, are great space savers and come at a very reasonable price. Choose the model that best fits your desk space available.

Alternatives: You'reOnTime will work with most modern Windows (Windows 7,8,10) or Mac computers.

Receipt Printer

Star Star TSP 143 (LAN or USB)

This affordable Star printer will work well with You'reOnTime. If you are just a single user then the USB version will be best but if you expect to have more than one computer then go for the LAN version.

Supports: Windows and Mac

Alternatives: Epson TM-T88V (Windows and Mac)

Barcode Scanner

Datalogic Touch TD1100 Scanner

The Datalogic barcode scanner is ideal businesses that have a small or medium amount of product throughput. The USB plug and play design means you can plug it into your PC or Mac and be scanning in minutes.

Supports: Windows, Mac

Alternatives: Socketmobile 7Ci Scanner (Bluetooth for iPad or Android)

Cash Drawer

APG Vasario Series Cash Drawer

You'reOnTime will operate with most standard cash drawers. You should have a cash drawer such as the APG Vasario Series which can be plugged into your printer via the RJ-12 socket and it will automatically be popped when a receipt is printed.

Supports: Windows, Mac

Alternatives: Star CB-2002 FN Cash Drawer, VPOS EC410 Cash Drawer Black

Basic Package

Save money on hardware by using one of the packages we have tested. The Basic package includes a receipt printer and rolls and cash drawer.

Supports: Windows, Mac


Standard Package

The Basic package includes a receipt printer and rolls, barcode scanner and cash drawer.

Supports: Windows, Mac