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One of Singapores leading salons

One of Singapores leading salons

Expat Hair Studio, one of the top-rated salons in Singapore, is the creation of Jaclyn Douglas and Katherine Moss. Having acquired global experience over a decade, they identified an untapped niche in Singapore - a premium salon dedicated to expatriates, and hence they established their unique brand in 2014.

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25 Employees

Key to their smooth operations and superior customer service is You'reOnTime - a dependable and efficient system. This system played a critical role in their swift transition from a startup salon to a larger workspace within a year due to their growing clientele and hiring of passionate stylists who swiftly adapted to the system.

With an impressive growth trajectory from a two-staff salon to a dynamic team of 18, You'reOnTime was and continues to be instrumental in keeping their operations organized and efficient. It is an integral part of Expat Hair Studio now, contributing significantly towards the salon's smooth functioning.

The first thing we knew we needed was a reliable system to help us stay organised and offer the very best client services - and that system was You'reOnTime. Our salon began as a small business with just two staff members, we now have a team of 25 and with the growth of our business You'reOnTime has been with us every step of the way.

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