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Adding your first appointment

Learn how to add your first appointment and then send it to sale and complete the sale.

Managing your clients

Learn how to search or add new clients and view any of there information including notes, photos, appointments and more.

Adding your services

Learn how to add services to You'reOnTime with the correct pricing, services lengths and making sure your staff are correctly assigned to only the services that they can perform.

Setting up your staff and rosters

Learn how to add new staff, including giving them their own logins and pin numbers, commission rates and applicable services. Then set up their exact staff rosters to reflect their bookable times in the appointment book.

Sending automated reminders

Learn how to set up and send automated reminders to improve your cancellation and no show rates.

Creating marketing templates

Create an email or SMS template that you can then reuse at a later date or create a marketing campaign from. Use images and your own custom content and attachments.

Sending a marketing campaign

Learn how to choose a targeted group of your clients and send them an email campaign using one of our predefined templates, quickly and easily.

Adding your Products

Learn how to add products that you will be selling, including setting up the pricing and taxes and manage stock control and stock ordering.

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