Accounting Made Easy with Xero

Discover the ultimate dream integration for small business owners in the hair, beauty, and wellness sector. With the powerful combination of Xero and You'reOnTime, you aren't just getting a top-notch salon accounting tool. This dynamic duo offers unparalleled front office appointment & point of sale software that's seamlessly integrated with leading accounting software.

Say Goodbye to Double Entries

With Xero and You'reOnTime, double entry of records becomes a thing of the past. This integration ensures your salon accounting becomes a breeze, making life easier for you and your accountant.

Have Total Control Over Your Invoices

You decide how you want to manage your salon accounts. Whether you want to send individual sales to Xero or prefer a more streamlined approach, the choice is yours.

Efficiently Map All Products & Services

This salon accounting integration allows you to map every product and service you offer to a corresponding product in Xero. Plus, you have the option to send one generic product for all your sales, maintaining a clean distinction between your Xero and You'reOnTime managed items.

Effective Client Mapping

Send all your You'reOnTime client details directly to Xero. Combined with product and invoice data, you can replicate your sales in Xero as they appear in You'reOnTime. Alternatively, send a summary client for each invoice.

Accurate Tax Code Mapping

Ensure accurate salon accounting with tax code mapping that links to the correct Xero tax codes for precise tax computations or BAS.

Direct Access to Xero Invoices

Each invoice from You'reOnTime to Xero comes with a deep-link that takes you directly to the invoice details in Xero.

Full Synchronisation History

Track your salon accounting processes with a complete synchronization history, displaying all successful transactions and highlighting any issues that may necessitate configuration changes.


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