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Set your salon, spa, or barbershop on a path to success with our grant-winning beauty salon software, You'reOnTime. This intuitive salon program is designed to support new or small beauty enterprises, easing the transition from paper appointment books to a more comprehensive, digital platform.

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We understand that if you are a small or new salon, or just dipping your toe in the water after using a paper appointment book, that you may not want to invest lots of money in a computer system straight away.

Unlike other salon programs, as your business grows, you can opt to upgrade your software with a simple click. This upgrade incorporates more advanced features such as Point of Sale, Integrated Marketing, and Electronic Forms – all without needing to shift your client data and list.

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Easy for you

With our salon software, you get a swift and user-friendly appointment booking system that you can operate on your computer, tablet, or phone. From rebooking, reminders, and targeted marketing to client histories, this beauty salon software creates a comprehensive ecosystem for your salon management.

Enhance Client Experience

Our free salon software makes it easy for your clients to book appointments through their phones, your Facebook page, or your website. This is a feature that modern clients appreciate and adore.

Minimize No-Shows and Boost Profits

Increase your profits with SMS Reminders

Our salon software free platform also offers SMS reminders. By leveraging these automatic reminders and rebooking notifications, you can ensure that your clients keep up with their appointments, thus minimizing dreaded no-shows and late cancellations, and subsequently increasing your profit margins.

“I tried every salon software system and this is the one that works best, appointment bookings, point of sale, scheduling and everything I wanted.”
Susan, Clips, Cuts & Colours

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