5 Tips for Expanding Your Client Base


Capturing the attention of new clients in your area can be tricky, and finding new and exciting ways to make sure they pick you over one of your competitors can be time-consuming.

To help you out, we’ve pulled together a list of ideas to help you start attracting new clients and start generating more revenue for your salon or spa.

1. Keep Your Online Profile Up-to-Date

First impressions are everything and make sure your online profile looks professional and up-to-date can be the difference between someone booking with you or one of your competitors. Your online profile is quite often the first thing a potential client will see, so it’s important that what they’re seeing is impressive.

It’s a good idea to regularly revamp your service list so your pricing and promotions are up-to-date, and your service offering is fresh. Your latest promotions will always be displayed at the top of your service list, so any new clients who are considering booking with you will see these first. Make sure any promotions you’re running offer good quality and value for money in equal measure.

2. Add Book Now Buttons on Your Website and Social Pages

Over 60% of appointments made online are created outside of regular working hours, and our online booking software gives clients complete flexibility when booking by keeping your business open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Book now buttons on your website and social pages offer potential clients a convenient way of discovering and booking your services while browsing their favourite social media channels. Once you’ve created your profile on our industry-leading beauty platform, adding a Book Now button to your Facebook and Instagram accounts allows potential new clients to instantly book your services by directly linking them from your social pages to your service list. And with our built-in sales reports, you can start measuring their effectiveness and seeing how many clients are booking via social media.

3. Create a One-Off Special for First-Time Clients

A client’s first encounter with your business and services is always going to leave a lasting impression, so making sure your prices are as attractive as possible is always going to help swing them in your favour. It’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the trust the client is choosing to put in you and your staff members, and a one-off introductory offer for clients who are booking for the first time is the perfect way of doing this. The promotion can be as simple as a 20% discount off their first-time booking with you, but enough of an incentive for potential clients to give your business a go and book with you again in the future.

4. Cash in on Seasonal Promotions

Now is the perfect time to create and capitalise on promotions that focus on the lucrative summer holiday and wedding pamper season. Creating promotions that are specifically tailored to these events is an easy way to capture the attention of new clients by offering a carefully curated package or discounted price for services they were planning on booking anyway.

Try giving your promotions creative, seasonal-specific names that will stand out on your service list and attract attention on social media. A little bit of wordplay can go a long way.

5. Go Social

Looking for a way to get the word out about your latest promotions and services to hundreds of potential clients for free? Your social media accounts are the most powerful tools at your disposal and the perfect place to start a conversation with tons of potential clients who might not have discovered your business in the real world. Running exclusive promotions for first-time bookings made via Book Now links on your social pages is a great way of incentivising new clients to pick you over any other service provider in your area. It’s also the perfect place to showcase your talents and demonstrate the benefits of the services you offer. With 78% of small businesses reporting that at least a quarter of their new clients were acquired via social media, it’s impossible to ignore the impact it can have on the future success of your business.


Summer is the perfect season for salons and spas to make their services more visible and attractive to potential clients. By keeping an up-to-date and engaging online profile, offering convenient online booking options, creating special offers for new clients, crafting enticing seasonal promotions, and harnessing the power of social media, you can effectively expand your client base during this sunny season. Good luck, and here’s to a prosperous summer!