7 Innovative Strategies for Salons to Draw in New Clients


Are you a superb hairdresser or nail artist, but struggling to bring in new customers? You're not alone. Finding innovative ways to attract new clients is a common hurdle for many salon owners. Here are seven unique and effective strategies to help promote your business and bring in new clientele.

1. Exhibit at a Hair & Beauty Show

You've probably heard of, attended, or seen pictures and videos of hair and beauty shows. These events are an excellent platform to showcase your salon's unique skills and brand. By participating, you not only increase your salon's visibility but also have the chance to engage with potential new clients. Plus, showcasing your participation on your website and social media can help establish you as a leader in your field.

2. Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Don't overlook YouTube! Despite being time-consuming, creating video content can pay dividends. With YouTube reaching nearly 2 billion users daily, it provides an exceptional opportunity to reach potential clients. Posting tutorials of popular hairstyles or nail art can help you attract a wider audience. Remember, videos are much more effective than still images when it comes to engagement.

3. Use Posters in High-Traffic Areas

While it may seem a bit traditional, posters can still play an effective role in advertising. The key is to place them strategically in locations where potential clients frequent—think fitness centers, local cafes, or hotel lobbies. Consider co-marketing with businesses that share similar clientele for a win-win situation.

4. Sponsor a Local Charity Event

Giving back to your community is not only rewarding, but it also helps your salon stand out. You could collaborate with a local unemployment office and offer free haircuts to job-seekers. Such a gesture helps your community while increasing your salon's visibility and reputation.

5. Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

"Salons near me" searches are increasing. Ensure your salon is visible when people search for local salons by optimizing your Google My Business listing. Make sure your contact details are correct, and your page is loaded with positive reviews from your clients. Request reviews from satisfied customers and link your top services through your listing.

6. Run Targeted Paid Search Ads

Targeted paid search ads can help you attract potential clients exactly when they're looking for your services. Ensure your salon is at the top of Google's search results with well-crafted and specific ads.

7. Create an Instagram-Worthy Space in Your Salon

In the world of social media, sharing is caring. Setting up a designated selfie spot in your salon can encourage clients to share their new looks. This user-generated content is free advertising and serves as a powerful testimonial for your salon. Offering discounts to clients who share their selfies can help incentivize this.

Wrapping Up

Attracting new clients requires standing out from the competition. These strategies can help you get your salon noticed and bring in new clientele.

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