Decoding the Mystery of Happy Clients Who Don't Return


Ah, the enigma of the ecstatic salon customer who never comes back! This client archetype leaves salon professionals puzzled, but understanding the various personality types we encounter in salons and life in general, can help make sense of it all.

Years ago, one of my mentors introduced me to the concept of the "raving fan" client. This issue persists today, and his advice remains relevant. Recently, during a You're On Time team training session, we talked about lost clients versus new clients, and the importance of monitoring these figures weekly. A salon team analyzed their numbers and found themselves perplexed by clients who seemed extremely satisfied after their last appointment, but never returned. Why?

One stylist described a client who couldn't stop admiring her reflection as she left. She purchased products for home use and enthusiastically praised the stylist's expertise and her delightful salon experience – a symphony to any stylist's ears!

However, the twist: she never came back! This is the classic behavior of a "raving fan" client – a type you need to recognize and be cautious of. It's likely not about you, but about them.

So, how do you handle this mysterious client persona?

Understanding Client Personalities in the Salon

As people come in all varieties, it's natural to encounter a wide range of client personalities. Some might be tough to please or hard to read, while others are steady, reliable customers. Some clients may be quirky, asking peculiar questions, while others are unclear in their desires, making it challenging to achieve a result they'll appreciate.

And then there's the "raving fan," let's call her Gloria. She's effusive and expressive, exaggerating everything. Gloria's energy is infectious, but beware: she might be on to her next incredible experience at another salon, just so she has something new to rave about.

Handling the Raving Fan

By focusing on providing exceptional service to every client, your salon will attract new customers. Accept that some clients may not return, regardless of how amazing you are – it's just part of the process.

Is Gloria (or any raving fan) right or wrong to lavish praise and then not return? It's not really for us to judge. Your daily mission is to consistently deliver outstanding experiences and share your expertise with every client. If they choose not to return, it's their decision.

Instead of dwelling on others' actions, concentrate on your own. Be the best stylist, cutter, or colorist you can be, and your clientele will grow. Those initially challenging or quirky clients often become the most loyal when they realize how much you genuinely care. Building trust may take time, but once established, these clients will be fiercely devoted.

So, what can you learn from Gloria and the raving fan-client persona? Keep in mind that hairdressers' personalities can sometimes resemble Gloria's – passionate, with extreme highs and lows. This emotional rollercoaster can affect professional performance, so it's essential to find balance.

Think of raving fans as a strong sauce, best used sparingly. Adapt your approach to suit various age groups and personality types, but never lose sight of your core beliefs.

Every client who sits in your salon chair deserves a memorable, enjoyable, and professional experience delivered by an expert.

As for the Glorias out there, embrace the positivity and energy they bring to your salon. Offer them your top-notch service, and who knows? They may just defy the stereotype and become repeat customers after all.