Maximising Gift Card Sales


Boosting business sales is a common aim for all enterprises, including You'reOnTime, a comprehensive software solution for managing salons, spas, and fitness studios. By incorporating the use of gift cards into your business strategy, You'reOnTime users can take full advantage of this powerful marketing tool. Here are the top 5 strategies:

  1. Promote Top Selling Services or Products: You'reOnTime can help identify your top-selling services or products by providing comprehensive sales reports. Instead of pushing less popular items through gift cards, focus on these proven favorites. Customers are likely to be attracted to gift cards that offer popular and high-quality services or products. Consider bundling 2-3 top performers into one appealing deal.
  2. Foster Repeat Business: Encourage your customers to return to your business by offering gift cards for services that require multiple visits. For example, if one of your most popular services costs $199 per session, consider creating a gift card for $499 that covers three visits. This strategy not only provides value to the customer but also ensures repeat business.
  3. Implement a Spend and Save System: You'reOnTime's flexible gift card feature allows you to cater to customers who struggle to make decisions. By offering tiered gift card options, where spending more provides greater value, customers have an exciting opportunity to enjoy your services or products. For instance, spending $49 could offer $60 in store credit, while spending $99 could provide $150 in store credit.
  4. Provide Packages for Extended Services or Visits: You'reOnTime is perfect for businesses that provide services that require multiple visits. Offering packages for extended services or visits can secure long-term customers and provide numerous opportunities for upselling. For instance, consider offering six months' worth of treatments for $499 or a year's worth for $999.
  5. Price Gift Cards Correctly: Pricing plays a crucial role in the success of gift card sales. Offering three price points can be effective, as customers usually opt for the middle or highest option. Small tweaks in pricing, like setting prices at $149 instead of $150, or $199 instead of $200, can create an impression of a better deal.

By integrating these strategies into the You'reOnTime platform, businesses can effectively boost sales and broaden their customer base. The gift card feature in You'reOnTime is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your marketing efforts.