Staff Incentives 101: How to Keep Your Employees Motivated and Reduce Turnover


In a post-pandemic world, maintaining a motivated and loyal staff is crucial for small businesses. Discover effective strategies to inspire and retain employees in your salon, supported by technology.

Like it or not, the pandemic has reshaped our work dynamics. The 'great resignation' is underway, leaving many businesses struggling to fill vacancies and facing the costs and challenges of staff turnover.

Make Job Satisfaction a Priority

Prioritizing job satisfaction leads to stronger client relationships and repeat business. Director Daniel Leeson of Beauty and Bubbles in Manchester focuses on good communication, praise, incentives, and a positive working environment to keep staff happy. Celebrate achievements to make employees feel valued and appreciated.

Celebrate the Wins

Positive client reviews benefit both your business and staff morale. Utilize Timely's SMS campaign feature to request reviews and share positive feedback with your team. Acknowledging these accomplishments makes employees feel seen and appreciated.

Consider a Commission Structure

Retaining top talent is crucial, especially in challenging times. Implement a financial rewards system, such as a commission-based pay structure or end-of-year bonuses, to motivate your staff. Timely-powered salons provide the tools to retain staff and adapt to change effectively.

Invest in Staff Progression

Investing in regular team training shows employees that their growth and development matter. It keeps them engaged and ensures your salon offers top-notch services. Stay ahead of the curve by keeping your staff knowledgeable about the latest products and trends.

Be Flexible to Change

Post-pandemic, flexibility is key for employees seeking work-life balance and autonomy over their schedules. Prioritize open communication with your staff to understand their needs and tailor solutions accordingly. Timely's software allows you to create flexible schedules that meet both business and employee requirements.

Motivating and inspiring your employees not only reduces turnover but also benefits your overall business performance. Remember, your positive work environment attracts a dedicated and talented team.