Tips to Boost Your Salon's Client Revisit Rate


Looking to elevate the number of returning clients to your salon? While staying on top of trends, delivering top-notch services, and fostering a welcoming environment is crucial, it's often not enough. To truly stand out and cultivate lasting relationships with your clientele, you must take a few additional steps.

This article unveils some effective strategies that can help you not only boost your salon's client revisit rate but also ensure their loyalty.

Why is a High Client Revisit Rate Crucial?

Consider this: If you could decrease your client's revisit period from six weeks and four days to just six weeks, assuming you have 95 appointments a week with an average spend of $99, you could potentially add nine more appointments weekly. This translates to an added revenue of almost $900 weekly or $46,000 annually!

With the significance of the client revisit rate established, let's delve into actionable ways to enhance it.

Tip 1: Rebooking and Reminders

Most patrons value the offer to rebook as they wrap up their salon or spa visit, ensuring the longevity of their look. While some professionals hesitate to broach rebooking, fearing they might appear too forward, there are subtle and effective methods to do so. For those in need, we have a dedicated article on refining rebooking techniques.

Another concern is the possibility of clients forgetting their appointments. Address this by letting them know you provide timely reminders.

It's also beneficial to use your salon management software to gauge your rebooking rates, see how they match up against industry averages, and set goals. Remember, top salons boast rebooking rates of 80% or higher!

Tip 2: Loyalty Programs and Vouchers

Encouraging return visits can be as simple as recognizing and rewarding client loyalty. Implement a system where clients accrue points with each service, which can eventually be redeemed for complimentary treatments.

Alternatively, offer vouchers or discounts, particularly for services they haven't availed of yet. For instance, you might introduce them to a new facial. If they find it beneficial, they're more likely to return for that and other treatments they're familiar with.

Tip 3: Automated Follow-Up Messages

Once you've determined your average client visit rate, set a goal to lessen the duration between appointments. For instance, if clients typically revisit every eight weeks, try to reduce it to seven.

Sending automated emails or SMS reminders to clients who haven't visited in a while is a subtle nudge. Integrating direct booking links in these messages makes the rebooking process seamless for them.

Tip 4: Enable Online Booking

Statistics reveal that a significant percentage of online bookings happen during Sundays and Mondays, often outside regular business hours.

By introducing an online booking system, you tap into this behavior, allowing clients to schedule appointments when it's most convenient. Ensure that your online system syncs with your in-salon appointments, providing real-time availability and eliminating potential scheduling conflicts.

Promote your online booking feature via emails, SMS campaigns, voicemail updates, and social media platforms to drive more appointments and, consequently, boost revisit rates.

Final Thoughts: Measure and Adjust

Enhancing your revisit rate is a collective task. Recognize and learn from team members with the highest revisit rates. Have them share best practices with the rest of the team.

Enhancing client revisit rates often involves experimentation. Understand what resonates with your clientele and team. Frequently, it's a blend of several strategies that yields the most substantial results. So, implement a mix, monitor the outcomes, and adjust as necessary!