Want to Grow Your Salon and Attract New Clients? Master Your Digital Client Journey


In the digital age, the client journey begins long before they step foot into your salon. Noelle Carman, Head of Partnerships for You'reOnTime, reveals the secrets to perfecting your digital client journey and driving salon growth.

Five Steps to a Perfect Digital Client Journey

Step 1: Seamless Online Booking
Make it effortless for potential clients to discover your salon and book appointments 24/7 through Instagram, Facebook, or your website. Utilize You'reOnTime's Online Booking system and client login feature to provide a convenient booking experience.

Step 2: Automated Confirmation
Ensure your clients receive instant confirmation by utilizing You'reOnTime's automated system. Streamline the entire journey with minimal effort.

Step 3: Personalized Reminders
Send timely reminders to your clients 24-48 hours before their appointments via SMS or email. You'reOnTime's personalized reminders increase attendance and engagement, effortlessly converting penciled-in appointments to confirmed ones.

Step 4: Exceed Expectations
Deliver exceptional service as your clients step through your doors. Utilize You'reOnTime to add personalized notes about their preferences, creating a memorable experience that fosters brand advocacy.

Step 5: Ongoing Communication
Maintain a strong connection with your clients even after they leave your salon. Send aftercare information, product recommendations, and automatic appointment reminders to keep them engaged. You'reOnTime's automated messaging ensures consistent communication.

Bonus Tip: Building Lasting Relationships
Take the time to remember important details about your clients, such as their interests and preferences. Utilize You'reOnTime's Client notes functionality to record vital information, including allergies and product preferences. These personal touches enhance client relationships and foster loyalty.

By perfecting your digital client journey with You'reOnTime, you can attract new clients, provide exceptional experiences, and drive sustainable growth for your salon.