Why SMS Marketing Is The Key To Growing Your Business


Is SMS marketing a part of your business strategy? It's an underutilized but highly potent and economical way to showcase your goods and services, yet it's often overlooked in small businesses.

The key to successful marketing is meaningful communication. Regardless of how great your offerings are, if their value isn't properly conveyed to potential customers, your efforts will likely go unnoticed. Marketing's beauty lies in its adaptability; while its core principles remain the same, there are always innovative ways to project value to your clients. SMS marketing allows for a dynamic dialogue with your customers, using a device they always carry with them.

To shed light on the power of SMS marketing, here are some of its standout benefits.

Maximized Time Efficiency Email marketing has its merits: it's free, user-friendly, and effective, but it does consume time, a resource you might not have in abundance. With You'reOnTime, you can send automated SMS messages that are straight to the point, saving precious time. This is ideal for conveying detailed instructions or information concisely.

Is it worth the Investment if you're unsure about the impact of SMS marketing?

Why not try it with a small group of customers first? Launching an SMS campaign targeting your top 100 clients won't be a massive investment. If your reminder messages manage to prevent just one no-show, it could cover the cost of a month’s worth of SMS credits.

SMS marketing enables direct and concise communication

Your message is straightforward and concise, as opposed to being lost in a lengthy email. While both methods have their place, SMS marketing is particularly effective for promotions, quick updates, and time-sensitive offers.

Impressive Open Rates Unlike email

Where unread messages often pile up, most people open and read a text message within minutes of its arrival. Statistics indicate that 99% of text messages are opened, most within the first 3 minutes of receipt, a stark contrast to email marketing's average open rate of 33%.

High Conversion Rates With an average conversion rate of 8.22%

SMS marketing outperforms email marketing, which typically sees a 1.73% average conversion rate. The cost-effectiveness and success rate of SMS marketing make it a valuable addition to your marketing toolkit.

Enhances Brand Perception

Every action your business takes contributes to shaping your brand's image. By leveraging SMS marketing, you differentiate yourself from the competition. It demonstrates your adaptability to new technologies, trend awareness, and commitment to finding more convenient ways of communicating with customers.

The case for SMS marketing is compelling and its effectiveness is undeniable. If you're a You'reOnTime user, try incorporating SMS marketing by exploring the options in your menu. For detailed instructions on how to get started, visit our support post.

Look out for our upcoming article on SMS marketing! It will provide a comprehensive guide on running a successful campaign using You'reOnTime's SMS marketing feature, from selecting the right keywords, and crafting an impactful message, to identifying the best times to send your messages.